There are four categories of paid membership as follows:

There is an initial joining fee of £120 for administration purposes.

1. Full Boating member £70.00/year including one named Associate Member
Must be a boat owner.  Full voting rights. Can be appointed to positions as officers of the Club etc.  Only one full member per boat is allowed.

2. Associate Members £5.00/year additional to first Associated Member
Normally adult members of the family of Full members. In practice, an associate member can also be joint owner of a boat with a full member. It is desirable for full members to support associate members because this avoids the inconvenience of having to sign in family or other associates to the club premises.

3. Country Members £25.00/year
Non boat owning members with an interest in boats and/or canals and a liking for the social side of the boating activities.

4. Junior Members under 16 are free
Members of the family of other membership categories under the age of 16 years. Juniors are not automatically afforded the status of Associate membership upon attaining 16 years but can be made one at the request of the senior member.

How to apply for membership:
If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Membership Secretary Sally Williams at or phone 07830 326 664  If you wish to return by post, please send to:-

Membership Secretary
Mersey Motor Boat Club Ltd
36 Pilling Lane
L31 4HF

NB You should have read the mooring conditions before you make an application as you have to confirm you have read them before signing the application, which you are required to do.

Please note: Full Membership will be approved for a suitable candidate even if there are no moorings available. The member would be responsible for finding their own mooring and would be placed on a club waiting list for when club moorings become available if they so wish.

Continued membership is dependent upon the new member taking an active part in club activities. If, at the end of the first or second year, the General Committee consider the member has failed to convince them of their willingness to participate, their membership may be refused and if occupying a club mooring the member will be required to vacate the mooring immediately. Alternatively the Committee may order that the member’s probationary period be extended.
[Please note full membership will not be granted until two full years probationary membership has elapsed.]